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I, like everyone, wanted to buy a car cover for my car. And I, like everyone wanted a good one, without having to spend a lot. So I did my research and found that car covers and expensive are not synonymous. In fact there are plenty of cheap, reasonably priced car covers on the market.

To begin with, you do not need a fancy cover. Let’s be honest, it’s the car we want to protect not the cover, and therefore as long as the car is in good hands, who really cares what the cover looks like. I don’t mean to say that any old, moulding rag will do the trick, but quite frankly, fancy designs are not necessary. I certainly do not mind what colour and shade my cover is as long as it covers my car, and protects it from nature’s harsh elements.

So instead of looking into the more expensive range of custom car cover, I looked at the universal covers. A universal cover will fit any car, however big or small it is. This seemed perfect for me as my spouse and I could easily share the cover between our cars. This would save us money as we wouldn’t have to buy two covers (we have a garage, so one could be parked on the street, whilst the other is inside). It also means that if I were to buy a new car, I wouldn’t have the added expense of a new car cover as well. Family and friends benefit too as they could easily borrow the cover and be protected too.

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